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Shipping to Umm Qasar from USA

Container Shipping to Umm Qasr from USA

The ports in the Middle-eastern Asia are the source of highest income and trade in the shipping industry. Though many barriers need to be crossed to attain hassle free shipping to these countries using their ports, Blue Sea Shipping Lines has developed a good relation with the port trusts in these nations which makes it easier for them to ship goods into this region. And among the many ports in this region, one of the major ports is the Umm Qasr port. The Umm Qasr port is one of the major ports opening up in the regions of the Iraq and Persian Gulf.

The Umm Qasr port is also known as the port of Basra, and the port lies in the inlet of the borders of Kuwait. The major of the oil containers and cargos are exported globally to Europe, south Asia, USA and many other parts of the world through this port. This area has also been under the threat of clashes between many countries due to the Persian Gulf War. This has incurred huge financial losses to the major ports in this region like Umm Qasr port. But the situation has changed a lot these days. Now, it is a lot easier to ship goods in this region and the freight being charged on the cargos imported/exported has been decreased immensely. And this is one of the major reasons for the shipping business booming in the Middle-east. Previously for security reasons, the Umm Qasr port remained closed for several years and many losses incurred due the transgressions all over the countries of Iran and Iraq. The services were interrupted for more than 20 years due the Persian Gulf War and the Iran- Iraq War. The shipping resumed form the year 2005 and now, the Umm Qasr port is considered to the 3rd largest port in the middle-east in terms of revenue.

BSL or Bluesea Shipping Lines is one of the most enthralling shipping companies in this port and covers more than half the share in the cargo shipments globally. From vehicle shipping, appliances, household goods, constructor materials, to storage pickup and delivery services, everything is done by BSL shipping company for their customers from all major ports in the world including Umm Qasr port. The international shipping quotations are strictly followed and the insurers are clearly displayed on the each shipments shipped. The packaging and storing facilities are very well garnered and taken care with a lot of deliberation and attention. They take the utmost of your valuable goods and it definitely reduces the chances of damage in your precious goods at the time of shipping.

The goods on arrival to the Umm Qasr port are further shipped to various areas to the referrals for delivery. The customers are kept updated with the shipments on their arrivals and can also be tracked manually through the internet by entering the booking ID. The last and foremost facility is the customer brokerage and care, which has helped the shipping company, BSL grown to such an extent. The clearing of the goods for importers and exporters by the company officials is another very important source due to which many customers rely on these shipping companies. And the relationship between the customers and the company is appreciable. The contentment what you finally get is what the company cherishes as a result of their hard work and labour. So, for getting best shipping services from Umm Qasr port and many other international ports, please contact with Blue Sea Shipping lines.

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