Tincan Lagos, Nigeria MapIf you’re shipping to Nigeria, you’ll want effective and easy shipping: Bluesea shipping. As we seek to ensure you are assisted and guided every step of the way, it is important that you are informed on the process of shipping to Nigeria and are equipped with knowledge on the port of Tincan Island.

As the fastest growing city in Africa, the 7th fastest growing city in the world and with Lagos being Africa’s second most populous city, shipping to Lagos is a common process.

The Port of Tincan is on the coast of Nigeria in the south, in Apapa – a local government area in Lagos. Tincan Port is controlled by the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) whose operations are carried out in affiliation with the Ministry of Transport and Nigerian Shipper’s Council.

Tincan Port was developed as a result of a concession program by Nigeria’s Federal government known as the ‘Landlord Agreement’, which was aimed at increasing efficiency and produce a higher turnout of goods and services in the Nigerian port system.

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lagos africaTincan port was built in 1981 and opened for shipping in 1997. However, it was in 2006 when the Ports and Terminal Multiservices LTD (PTML) merged with the Roro Port to expand and create Tincan Port as it is known today and making it the second busiest port in Nigeria. The merge led to high improvements for the port in terms of turnaround time and berth occupancy, ensuring the highest quality of efficiency and effective time management when Bluesea Worldwide Shipping ships your items to Tincan.

containerYou name it, Tincan port deals with it in terms of imports and exports: wheat, malt, cars, maize, cranes, dump trucks excavators, backhoes etc. This can only be done as the port is greatly equipped and possesses the best modern equipment for clearance of cargo, thus operations are quick and systematic.

Tincan’s high reputation does not end there, the port is able to handle deliveries of approximately 4000 metric tons of grain daily and ships of approximately 30,000 tones.
The port has fresh water wells sunk as deep as 250 meters due to the water supply and bunkering therefore it’s berths have fresh water vessels. The high quality of the bunkering of vessels is also ensured as it its owned by Nigeria’s effective oil companies.

Tincan port boasts of a high security system through the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), as well as regular sea patrol of all anchorage, jetties and fairway buoys with assistance from Marine police and the Nigerian navy. Furthermore, this is a port that has it’s own security system with a police station watched over by the Nigerian Police Force and further supported by private security organizations in the country.

Thinking of shipping your car with Bluesea Worldwide Shipping to Tincan? Fortunately, the space at Tincan is well employed, with five vehicle parks for international car shipping services, each one being able to store 6000 cars at a time.

It seems Tincan Port in Nigeria already has everything desired in an effective port. Which is true, except it has everything PLUS five transit sheets and three warehouses as well as a covered storage area of 54,000 meters squared and an open storage area of 125,000 meters squared.

Not to mention, Berth Number 9 at Tincan port contains special Roro ramps for the purpose of incoming international construction equipment and just to add a cherry on top of what is already an excellent port for your goods, Tincan port also owns electricity supply power stations and seven sub-stations throughout the port.



In shipping your goods to Tincan, Nigeria, Bluesea Worldwide Shipping we make it our priority to guide you throughout your shipping process and relieve you of any hardship or confusion you may have as there are guidelines to be considered wherever you are shipping, including in shipping to Tincan, Nigeria.

In shipping to Tincan, a process form, known as E-Form ‘M’ must be filed out. The validity period of E-form ‘M’ in relation to general goods is 180 days. This validity period may be extended however.
Along with the E-Form ‘M’ a relevant pro-forma invoice will be filed, this contains validity of 3 months. The invoice shall contain a thorough description of the goods which are to be imported to Tincan for the verification of price based on

  • Generic product name, such as type, category etc.
  • Mark or brand name of product
  • Quantity and packaging
  • Description of quality specification, grade, capacity, performance, size,
  • Model name and/or reference number.


E-Form ‘M’ only validifies the goods for importation after acceptance by that is provided by Scanning/Risk Management.

Once the E-Form ‘M’ has been accepted, documents must be filed with each import. These documents must include:

  • Product Name
  • Country of Origin
  • Specifications
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Batch or Lot Number
  • Standards to which the goods have been produced (e.g. NIS, BR Standards, PP, ISO, IES,, DIN etc.



Tincan, Nigeria, like all places has items which are forbidden from being shipped, as a result of various government regulations as well as the specific social, economic and political conditions of a  county. Please visit the Nigerian Customs page for the complete list.


If you have any more questions or concerns regarding potential shipping or current shipments, Bluesea Shipping provides free enquiry calls so call us today.

At Bluesea Shipping we also provide you with top insurance coverage for your goods as well as providing packing and crating services done with high quality materials.

Over Thirty Seven years of experience in shipping has produced associations with foreign agents and customs that are of beneficial use to ensuring the highest quality of shipment handling for customers.

Bluesea Shipping is dedicated to researching other shipping rates, in order to provide you with the best shipping prices.

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This information is provided to give you a clearer idea of the process and details of shipping your items internationally to Tincan, Nigeria. However, once you have made call for a quote with Blusea Worldwide Shipping, the workload is in our experienced and skilled hands and you are on the road (or sea) to a simple and helpful process of shipping your items to Nigeria.