As your business grows with time, you may think of expansion into foreign markets. However, there are two aspects that are pivotal for success in export. First of all, you need to identify potential markets in offshore destinations. Secondly, you need to hire the right mode for export. While air freight saves time, is not pocket-friendly. Besides, when you want to export several tons of cargo to distant locations, there is nothing that can beat the convenience of ocean cargo shipment. You may consider market expansion in African nations where the scope of growth is significant. You can choose the ports like Takoradi for exporting to African markets. It is among Ghana’s most important cities and over years has become a hub for industrial and commercial activities.

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shipping to Takoradi


For shipping to Takoradi from USA, you need to find a reliable and expert ocean cargo agency. These companies have the expertise and infrastructure to send different types of client cargo to different overseas destinations with ease. They take care of every part of export including product pickup, proper packaging, storage and shipment. In fact, the can also aid you to get the products delivered to places in destination country post shipment. You should search for available cargo companies that offer shipping to Takoradi and compare their services and offerings in detail.

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When you choose an ocean cargo service provider from available contenders for transportation to Takoradi from USA, a few things should be checked with care. It is important to check the range of containers offered by the agency. Professional ocean freight entities have wide range of cargo containers for their clients. You need to pick a suitable container from those offered by the shipping agency. The size and carrying capacity of a container also affects shipment cost. You can choose containers for vehicle transport as well.

After you pick from available shipping containers to Takoradi, it is time you inquire about the cost and cargo pickup options. Overall cost can vary on factors like total distance, type of cargo, the amount of cargo and time. However, if you have plans to send cargo to same route periodically, it may be possible get lower rates. As far as cargo collection is concerned, professional cargo companies like Bluesea Shipping team manage everything properly. They send their trained staffs to collect products from client location in a planned and systematic manner. There is no reason to worry about any damage being caused to the cargo, even if it is delicate and expensive. Their staffs are capable of handling all types of cargo pick up tasks and they can pack it accordingly before shipment.

You can avail other advantages when you avail services of a cargo solution provider. While the shipping containers from USA to Takoradi are robust enough to safeguard your products from mishaps, you may feel like having another layer of protection, especially if the cargo is costly. Veteran ocean freight entities aid clients to pick from various cargo insurance packages for their needs.