Shipping to Saudi Arabia? On the coast of the Red Sea, you will find Jeddah, a city in the Hijaz Thima Region. Dammam is located on the coast of the Arabic Gulf the second major ports you should know about.


Let’s begin with Jeddah. Jeddah, located in Western Saudi Arabia, is a major urban center and as of 2008, the 32nd busiest seaport on the planet. The brilliant location of Jeddah places it right in the middle of an international shipping route.


Dammam is the second largest port of Saudi Arabia and was founded in the late 1940’s. The port contains an impressive 56 million purpose hoses, 8 container cranes and 534 tanker containers and berths for ships.

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So you have items that need to go to Saudi Arabia. Since you have called Bluesea Worldwide Shipping all of the documentation needed for your international shipping will be handled in detail and you will be guided through the entire process. So what exactly is needed when shipping your goods to the port of Dammam in Saudi Arabia?

Overall you will need a manifest, which we will help you register as it is required for the entire shipment and will be signed by a shipmaster. Upon entering the customs zone, it is the job of the shipmaster to give the manifest to the proper authorities. The manifest will contain the following information:

  • Name of shipper and shipment
  • Nationality of shipper and the registered load
  • Types of goods
  • Total weight of goods and weight of bulk goods if any are contained
  • Actual description required if the goods are prohibited
  • Number of packages
  • Number of pieces
  • Description of packaging
  • Names of consignor and consignee
  • Seaports where the goods are shipped from aka Ports of loading
  • Also note that any agricultural consignments will be referred to the Animal and Plant Quarantine to be examinedConsignments will be exempted according to an industrial decisions which refers to handling as a special form of conformity and exemption from custom duties


Once the ship enters the harbor, the shipmaster will submit the following documents to the customs office:

  • Cargo manifest
  • Manifest of ships’ supplies (logistics) and the baggage and belongings of the crew
  • A list of the passengers’ names
  • A list of the goods to be unloaded at the port
  • All shipping documents which customs offices may require for the application of the customs laws


frachtschiff-281120_1280PROHIBITED ITEMS

When you ship with Bluesea Worldwide Shipping, you have the advantage of avoiding any delays or obstacles as our experience and expertise means that we are informed on the procedures and restrictions of every country we ship to. In the case of Saudi Arabia, here you will find a list of items prohibited from being shipped into the country.


Vehicles are almost a necessity in routine of our lives wherever you go, so if you want to take or send one to Saudi Arabia, Blusea Worldwide Shipping is ready to handle the requirement process and guide you through each individual step in shipping your vehicle overseas to Saudi Arabia. It is good to be informed of the rules regarding the shipment of vehicles to Saudi Arabia, so take note of the following:

  • The name of the shipper (you) must be identical on every document such as vehicle ownership, shipping documents and passport
  • No shipments with vehicles in containers are permitted
  • No vehicles older than 1974 can be imported
  • One car per family
  • All cars must be in accordance with Saudi Arabian standards (this will be ensured by Bluesea Worldwide Shipping)
  • All automatics being shipped must have the following information furnished to the steamship company: Make, model, year, color, engine, chassis number, license, date car was last registered in USA, Customer’s destination address, phone contact overseas
  • Automatics must be registered soon after clearance


What Documents Do I Need To Ship My Car?

  • Title AKA Proof of Ownership
  • SASO Certificate
  • Legalized purchase invoice and Certificate of Origin
  • Proof of insurance
  • Regarding used cars: Certificate from Interpol, or origin traffic police, proving there is no police case against the car being shipped
  • Copy of your passport and residence permit (IQAMA)
  • Letter of Saudi sponsor
  • Letter of authorization from consignee to clear car
  • Custom fee declaration
  • Landing authorization
  • Valid Saudi driver’s license required for registration



Relocating to Saudi Arabia? Well then leaving behind your beloved dog, cat or bird just doesn’t seem right does it? Unfortunately if your beloved pet is a chicken, turkey, pigeon, duck goose or parrot – then you are out of options as these animals are prohibited from being shipped to Saudi Arabian ports. But whether your pet is going to Saudi Arabia with you, or is going solo for a well deserved puppy vacation – we are here to keep you informed on the important guidelines.


Shipping Your Dog to Saudi Arabia.
The rules regarding shipping a dog internationally to a either Jeddah or Haddam in Saudi Arabia are quite strict. Only watch dogs, seeing-eye dogs, hearing dogs or hunting dogs are allowed to be shipped. In the shipping process a veterinary certificate must be produced.
Furthermore, Saudi Arabia requires that permission from a consulate, the Saudi Arabian embassy or the relevant government is gained prior to shipping the dog, which Bluesea Worldwide Shipping will be assisting you with.

Shipping your Cat to Saudi Arabia

Cats being shipped internationally to Saudi Arabia must be accompanied by at least two veterinarian health certificates and a inoculation certificate regarding rabies which is between twelve months and thirty days prior to the cat’s arrival.
Your cat has the green light to travel to Saudi Arabia once all health certificates are approved by the Arabian consulate in the USA.

Shipping birds to Saudi Arabia

As ironic as it sounds shipping flying animals to another country –  is the way to go when transporting your bird internationally to Saudi Arabia. In order to ship your bird to either the Jeddah or Hamman port in Saudi Arabia, a health certificate is required. Furthermore an import permit is needed from the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development.

If you have any more questions or concerns regarding potential shipping or current shipments, Bluesea Shipping provides free enquiry calls as well as local services available for desperate situations, as we recognize that your concerns, big or small, are paramount to a stress free shipping process.

At Bluesea Shipping we also provide you with top insurance coverage for your goods as well as providing packing and crating services done with high quality materials.

Over Thirty Seven years of experience in shipping, has produced associations with foreign agents and customs that are of beneficial use to ensuring the highest quality of shipment handling for customers.

Bluesea Shipping is dedicated to researching other shipping rates, in order to provide you with the best shipping prices.
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There is a lot of information and details required when shipping to Saudi Arabia, but it is important that you relax, because Bluesea Worldwide Shipping makes it a priority that your shipping process to Saudi Arabia is an enjoyable and straightforward one. By providing you with guidance, packaging, insurance and constant service you are guaranteed a shipping experience that caters to exactly what you need.