Shipping goods to and fro has become a cardinal part of any system. Be it be a household, a relatively small emerging company to even large multinational companies, it is hard to spot an industry that does not directly or indirectly rely on the shipping industry. A booming raise in the shipping industry has contributed to the exponential growth of industries all over the world.

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shipping to port au prince

Bluesea Shipping Lines (BSL) expands its services like shipping to Port au Prince. Back in Jan, 2010, Port au Prince was adversely affected by the earthquake that shook the Haiti islands. A large number of structures came tumbling down to the ground and thousands of people lost their lives, in fractions of second. Thus, in order to re-establish the catastrophe hit capital, several efforts are being made. Thus, establishing easy shipping routes to Port au Prince is one of such efforts.

More Information About Port Au Prince

Port au Prince is the capital of Haiti. This port has been serving as a trade link for centuries. There are several evidences that support the fact that the Arawaks, the first civilizations of Haiti had also used the Port au Prince to sustain their livelihood. This French colonized port, lies strategically on the Gulf of Gonave, acting as a natural harbor; which has been serving as a significant port since historic times.

Therefore, in order to recuperate from the devastating effects of the earthquake by elevating the living standards among the population; many entrepreneurs from all over the world are eying Haiti as a spot to launch their business ventures due its low initial costs and abundant availability of human resource. Thus, Port Au Prince has a major role to play as most goods need to pass through this port before entering the mainland.

Bluesea Shipping is a reliable company that firmly complies with all criterias, set for shipping to Port au Prince. Also, the company gives the clients to chose from shipping via sea and shipping via air ; keeping a check on the priority and the cost factor as specified by the client. Besides, the company employs a totally transparent and fair policy in case of any breakage or damage. Over the years, the company has established shipping routes to many parts of the world and is still expanding. The team  has been enriched with years of training and expertise, and is assured to serve one with the best possible solution to any query put forth by the client.

Bluesea Shipping employs an easy five step approach to ship the shipments to the desired destinations. The first being, Quotation; one can easily access the website and ask for free quotation for shipping the cargo from the current to the desired location. Next comes, Packaging and paperwork; packaging must be taken care of , so that the cargo undergoes minimum damage or breakage during the journey and pre-filled paperwork cuts down delays and other inconveniences. Then comes shipping, drop off the package at the nearest office and prepare a waybill. We give the opportunity to track the parcel as it passes through various checkpoints. Last step being, Payment; there are a variety of convenient options to choose from.