Stunning Highlands, Safaris, and the Savannah. The picture of Kenya is very easy to paint in your mind and fortunately with Bluesea Worldwide shipping, the process of shipping your goods is even easier. Kenya is an East African country with a coastline on the Indian Ocean which is 581, are of 309 km and a population of 45 million people.
Kenya’s largest port is in Mombasa, the second largest city after the capital of Nairobi. The port of Mombasa has 19 deep water berths and two additional berths as well as two oil terminals. Furthermore, the rail in Mombasa connects the port to the interior.




Looking to ship to family in Kenya or planning to go and enjoy the heat of the equator and want your belongings to go with you? Blusea Worldwide Shipping has you covered. If you are a resident of Kenya, returning home, you must have been outside of Kenya for at least two years before shipping your goods internationally.

mombasa Kenya

If you are moving to Kenya and are not a resident, you can ship your items internationally and household goods specifically will be duty free. This, however only counts within ninety days before the goods go to Kenya.

What Documents Do I Need?

  • Passport
  • Work Permit, if relevant
  • A detailed thorough invoice of all of your items



request free quote Before you begin your process, here is some information about the general customs documents that we will help you provide before shipping your items internationally to Mombasa, Kenya.

Import Declaration Form:

  • Value of cargo for tax calculation (do note that values may be disputed by customs and cargo may be verified to avoid and resolve any disputes or confusion)
  • Quality of goods must be provided and Bluesea Worldwide Shipping will ensure this is done in detail and be as accurate to avoid delays or rejections.
  • Quantity of goods must be provided and Bluesea Worldwide Shipping will ensure this is also as detailed as possible.
    Furthermore, every type of good must have its own specific quantity listed and similar items must not be grouped together but have their individual quantity listed.
  • Quality of goods will be confirmed by inspection.
    This, depending on the types of goods, may require confirmation by the Kenya Bureau of Standards Public Health Department, Department of Agriculture etc. This usually occurs in cases of suspicion, and results in tests and certificates being produced.
  • Classification (HS Code) Harmonized Item Description and Coding System, which the World Customs Organization uses as a standard internationally to classify traded products by a 6 digit harmonized number.


Certificate of Conformity

  • It is now the role of specific agents such as INTERTEK, SGS, Bureau Veritas to focus on the conformity inspection of the commodities requiring inspection, as ordered by the Kenyan Bureau of Standards.


Master Bill of Lading

  • Name of receiver
  • Full address of receiver
  • The notify party on the BL should read:
    Kenfreight E.A. Ltd.
    MSC Plaza, 2nd Floor
    O.BOX 88598
    80100 Mombasa
  • A thorough and detailed description of the cargo being shipped to Kenya must be on the Bill of Lading and no vague descriptions
  • Number of packages involved. This must match the number of packages on the commercial invoice and packing list.


Packing Listcontainer

This is a required description of the goods being shipped to Mombasa, Kenya and must identify the

  • Package number
  • Description of the package
  • Package weight in metric ton
  • Length of package in meters
  • Width of package in meters
  • Height of package in meters
  • Cubic measurement of the package

This list must also match the details exactly as listed on the bill of lading and the Commercial Invoice.


Commercial Invoice

This invoice concerning your goods to be shipped to Mombasa, Kenya must be detailed. The invoice must be extremely detailed, which is guaranteed with our experience of commercial invoices and shipping.
The invoice must contain the total CIF value of goods to be shipped and must be indicated at the bottom of the document. The commercial invoice must also detail the costs of each items, freight charges and insurance (provided by Bluesea Worldwide Shipping) must be made clear.



So you know about documenting your goods but what about your car?
It is likely, especially as you are locating that you will wish to take your car or any vehicle you possess with you to Kenya. What do you need to know?

  • Vehicles being shipped internationally to Mombasa, Kenya must be right hand drives
  • Cars cannot be older than eight years old in order to be shipped internationally to Kenya
  • An inspection on cars to be shipped may be carried out by Kenya\Bureau of Standards (KEBS)
  • Kenyans citizens who are returning to Kenya may be able to ship their items without any duty fees. This applies when the individual is over 18 years of age and the vehicle is in their own name and has been owned for at least a year before shipping the vehicle to Kenya


What Documents are Needed For My Vehicle?

  • Original Passport
  • Bill of lading
  • Pre- inspection certificate
  • Kenya review authority (KRA) pin card
  • Vehicle log book



Of course, we must consider the restrictions of certain items in importing goods to Kenya. We are dedicated to providing you with quick and simple shipping process.

Kenya Customs has a list of some of the prohibited goods regarding Kenya.

If you have any more questions or concerns regarding potential shipping or current shipments Bluesea Shipping provides free enquiry so contact us today.

At Bluesea Shipping we also provide you with top insurance coverage for your goods as well as providing packing and crating services done with high quality materials.

Over thirty seven years of experience in shipping has produced associations with foreign agents and customs that are of beneficial in ensuring the highest quality of shipment handling for our customers.

Bluesea Shipping is dedicated to researching other shipping rates in order to provide you with the best shipping prices.

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The shipping of your goods to Mombasa, Kenya will be assisted by Bluesea Worldwide completely. From the moment you pick up the phone you will be provided with guidance, information, as well as a guarantee of insurance and packaging all the way up to when your items reach their desired location. So give us a call and get a quote.

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