Located along the Manila Bay, Manila is considered to be a leading international shipping getaway into the nation of Philippines. Manila port is one of the world’s busiest ports. High volume of cargo handling, coupled with huge cargo traffic, keeps Manila port busy throughout the year. Being active keeps the international shipping companies stay on the lookout for fetching business from the nation and this year, Manila will hopefully do so.

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In fact, as per American Association of Port Authorities, Manila port was tagged as the 37 th busiest container port in the world. This suggested the increased business the port attracted with respect to shipping containers to Manila from USA. Further evidence could be procured from the data, which clarifies that in the year 2010, the Port of Manila, witnessed the arrival of 1.9 thousand vessels, including 1839 foreign ships. During the year, around 17.4 million tones of foreign cargo were handled alone by the Port of Manila. The trend of shipping to Manila is likely to stay up in the coming month as well.

Recent news about extension of work hours on weekdays and weekends for cargo handling has suggested an expectation of huge quantum of cargo. Due to the festive season, the Filipino shipping industry believes to get additional cargo that the rest of the year. Cargo in the form of export and import shipments are likely to happen around Christmas, which is likely to increase trade to the tune of 10-30 per cent. Most of the shipment bulk is supposed to contain goods that will be consumed during the festive season.

The increase in work hours, from 8 am – 7 pm on weekdays is done in order to control the cargo congestion during the peak season. This effort will keep the exporters and importers properly process all their shipment and paper work, thereby preventing congestion and operating a smooth shipping process.

In anticipation of increased cargo trade, it is assumed that the Port of Manila is likely to ride on surplus cargo shipping business. In order to tap the growth/ business prospects of such an active shipping port, many international shipping companies will be on the lookout for extending services like shipping to Manila from USA.

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In fact, being an active container port, Manila is likely to receive good container business. Hence, it’s a good prospect for shipping containers to Manila . The extension of hours will ensure timely processing of shipments and reduce the opportunities of delayed shipments. Festive season is one season, when the shipments as in shipping containers to Manila hold a lot of key importance in the shipping business of international shipping firms.

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