Thailand, being next to the sea, relies heavily on maritime transport for its international trade volume. The nation has always been encouraging and has opened its international shipping services to many operators and vice versa, including the foreign ones.

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Considering the huge share of international trade in the nation’s economy, it can be rightfully said that Thailand has s strong shipping industry. The nation has witnessed a surge in maritime trade, especially over the past decade. Out of which, a huge proportion is governed by the foreign shipping services alone. The proof for this can be brought about by the statistics, which state that contribution by Thai port vessels are only to the tune of 10-12 %, leaving a major share of Thai trade to foreign shipping services. The only big reason behind this is the relatively smaller capacity of the fleet, which has made the Thai shipping industry rely on foreign shipping containers.

Thailand has in total 122 ports, including Laem Chabang, facilitating maritime trade through sea. Laem Chabang port is a small port in Thailand. Irrespective of its size, the port attracts several cargo ships. In alignment with other ports in Thailand, the Laem Chabang port continues to attract good amount of foreign shipping trade business every year.

Hence, after taking into consideration the bright prospects of the shipping industry of the nation, it seems a good time for many foreign shipping services companies. Companies with foreign shipping services, especially those who are into shipping containers to Laem Chabang , are likely to stay in profitable position. The companies, shipping to Laem Chabang , are likely to bank on the rising opportunities.

More About Laem Chabang Terminal in Thailand

In fact, the rising sea trade volumes as in containerized cargo or shipping containers from USA to Laem Chabang port have made the Thai government also undertake the expansion plans of the port of Laem Chabang. The current cargo overflow has hit the capacity mark of 1.650 million TEU and been fetching higher quantum over the last decade. Due to this reason, the Port authority of Thailand declared an expansion plan, to be undertaken on built-operate-transfer basis.

In fact, the $3.8 billion project has already begun and the plan has already undergone two phases of development. It is believed that with the completion of the third phase, the annual capacity will increase to 18.8 million TEU to ease the traffic congestion.

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