kuwaitIn Western Asia, with an area of 17,820 kilometers and a population of 4.2 million, lies the beautiful Arabic speaking country of Kuwait. Whether it’s for family, travel or relocation there are several different reasons to ship to Kuwait. Blusea Worldwide Shipping wishes to assist you in your shipping, we wish to keep you informed on some general details about the port and the regulations of shipping to Kuwait.

Shuwaikh is one of the major and most important ports in Kuwait. Shuwaikh port is located on the  country’s southern shores off of the Persian Gulf.

The Kuwait Port Authority operates the port of Shuwaikh. It contains 21  berths with a total length of 4055 meters. The port also serves ocean going vessels at its deep water berths and possesses modern container facilities.




The first thing to remember is that you are not just shipping your items to Kuwait, you are shipping your items to Kuwait WITH BLUESEA WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. So the volume of information should not overwhelm you as our expertise is here to accommodate you and make shipping your items as easy as possible. The following are the details that will be required by Kuwait when shipping items internationally.


  • Consignee’s Full name and Address
  • Description for the goods to be shipped with a Harmonized Code Number
  • Each item must have a clear model number
  • The model numbers in the invoice must match the model number on the cartos for every single itemshipping to kuwait
  • Must contain invoice value with unit price
  • Quantity of goods
  • Total value with currency made clear
  • Full name and address of manufacturer
  • Any trademarks
  • Origin country
  • Mode of shipment
  • Port of export
  • Carrier name
  • Gross weight and Net weight of cargo
  • Number of packages being shipped
  • Value terms
  • Invoice must be legalized by the Chamber of Commerce abroad

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Bill of Lading:

The Airway bill is a document that deals with the shipping of your items from one port to another. The Airway bill is a receipt of goods by the carrier of your items and contains the terms and conditions of the liability of the carrier as well as a description of your items being shipped and any relevant charges.

  • Full name of consignee
  • Currency mark
  • Number of packages being shipped
  • The gross weight, Net weight and the Volume of items being shipped
  • A clear description of goods
  • The freight value

Certificate of Origin:

  • Full name and address of consignee
  • Invoice number
  • A description of goods
  • Number of packages
  • Gross weight and net weight of items being shipped
  • Full name and address of manufacturer of goods
  • A clear statement that the goods being shipped to Kuwait are not of Israeli origin
  • The name of the Freight Forwarder
  • The Certificate of Origin must be legalized by the Chamber of Commerce abroad


Packing List:

  • Full name and address of the Consignee
  • Invoice Number
  • Number of packages being shipped
  • Contents of each package and full details of packing
  • A description of the goods
  • Quantity of goods
  • The name and address of manufacturer
  • Net weight & gross weight (Kgs)
  • Total measurements (cm³)


Kuwait customs require that all shipping documents are in the English language only.

All shipping documents must be on the original manufacturer letterhead, both signed and stamped.

At least one set of complete original documents regarding the shipment must arrive to Kuwait shipping authorities at least five days prior to the arrival of the vessel.

All copies of shipping documents will be sent to Kuwait via e-mail or fax in advance of shipping, so we shall set aside plenty of time to ensure these arrive before items are shipped to avoid any delays of your shipment.


We are dedicated to making the process of shipping your car from the USA to Kuwait a simple one in which we keep you informed and assisted in filing documents and fulfilling every requirement.

  • Non- national individuals cannot import a vehicle to Kuwait, but only through an employer, therefore employer details are required
  • Letter from employer
  • Kuwait nationals can import a vehicle without a sponsor
  • Vehicles are subject to a duty of 5% of value assessed by Customs authorities at Kuwait
  • No vehicles older than five years old can be shipped to Kuwait
  • Trucks can be a maximum of ten years for shipment to Kuwait
  • A temporary import permit issued by the Kuwait ministry of Commerce
  • Residence Permit required
  • Certificate of Title required
  • Certificate of Registration required
  • Commercial/Purchase Invoice required
  • Bill of Lading required
  • Purchase invoice for vehicle
  • Power of Attorney
  • Temporary import permit



Pets are permitted to be imported in to Kuwait as long as being carried as held baggage or cargo with prior approval with General Directorate for Agriculture and Sea Wealth. All pets are subject to quarantine.

All pets are subject to 4% tax based on value stated on the bill of lading.
Certificate of vaccination is required (including rabies, dated 30 days to 11 months prior to arrival)

Health certificate (dated no more than five days prior to arrival) required

Bill of lading (stating value of pet)

Declaration with physical description, name, age, sex, color and markings required



To check for a complete list of prohibited items please visit the Kuwait Customs page.

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Bluesea Worldwide Shipping will work with you from beginning to end to ensure that every box is checked concerning requirements for shipping and will handle packaging and assist you with insurance. There is no reason for shipping to be a stressful process and our experience are here to cater to you as soon as you give us a call.

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