pakistanYou have furniture, gifts, food or even an animal that you want to ship to Pakistan. You pick up the phone and call Blusea Worldwide shipping and before  you know it; the easy and speedy process begins of shipping your items to Karachi. This is the oldest port in Pakistan.
Karachi is the largest and most populous metropolitan city on the planet. The capital of Pakistani province Sindh, Karachi holds approximately 23.5 million people and is Pakistan’s main seaport and a major financial center
Karachi is not only Pakistan’s largest corporation of shipping but it possesses modern facilities and handle containers and oil terminals. Serving as a major port for Afghanistan and landlocked Asian countries, the port is now being considered for plans regarding new facilities for passengers as a result of its usefulness and importance to Pakisan.

karachi pakistanWhen shipping your items internationally to Karachi Port, Pakistan, Bluesea Worldwide Shipping will make time considerations for your goods to avoid delays in your shipment.


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  • NTN (National Tax Number Certificate) which will be issued by the Income Tax Department on filing of application form.
  • Bank Account documentation
  • Sales Tax Registration. (Form ST-1).
  • Chamber Membership Certificate of Chamber of Commerce and Industries or the required trade association of Pakistan.
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Certificate of Origin
  • When shipping restricted good, a license will be required.



At Bluesea Worldwide Shipping we wish for your shipping process to go forward without any road bumps or problems as we have been assuring for many years. Therefore we take into account the items that may be regarded as problematic when shipping to different countries. When shipping to Karachi, Pakistan, please visit the Pakistan Customs page for a complete list of prohibited items.



The purpose of customs is to cater to the safety and security of a nation depending on social situation of the country. In regards to Pakistan customs, the major goal is to prevent drugs, weapons, explosive materials and illegal products from entering the country.
Customs has the right to open parcels and inspect items in detail, unfortunately this may result in the damage of gifts. These searches are usually random but the chances of searches increase when a gift value is over $100, has an unusual appearance, such as a ‘secret’ looking package, a gift with noticeable small contents, gifts in parcels that are shaking or knocking.


Duty rates affect the shipping process as strict border authorities and laws exist. Duty rates vary from 0-100 %. The average duty rate is 21% however laptops and some other electircal goods can be imported free of duty.

When you are shipping your goods to Pakistan, the sales tax varies as some goods are not subject to sales tax, however certain goods, for example food supplements, will be subject to sales tax when shipping to Karachi, Pakistan.

For items which are subject to sales tax, the standard sales tax rate is 17%, with a reduced payable rate of 5%. At Blusea Worldwide Shipping we are experienced and up to date with the taxes and Duty rate of shipping to Karachi, Pakistan, so do not worry, as all of your questions and concerns will be addressed once you call us to begin your shipping process.

The CIF Valuation method is used by authorities in Pakistan. CIF is simply the Cost, Insurance and Freight. It requires a seller to pay for the goods to be delivered in the country of destination of a buyer. The CIF is the price paid for the goods, the loading, unloading, transportation, handling, insurance and costs associated with goods from the home port to Karachi port.
The CIF cost will be included in the declaration form.
When shipping, if your gift is over a certain value, it is taxable, this applies when shipping to Karachi, Pakistan. The non-taxable amount varies greatly from country to country and is subject to change.
Cargo sent to Pakistan is considered as under imports and therefore will be subject to General Sales Tax and VAT duties. Excise duty is payable on selected products, however import regulatory duty is mandatory on every imported item.



With every nation you ship your items to come unique factors that must be considered. Sadly, concerning Pakistan, there have been reports of packages being received having been opened or partially removed by local postal services.
Furthermore, the postal service in Pakistan regularly loses small packages. However, Bluesea Worldwide Shipping provides you with insurance and great tracking of your items to avoid complete loss.

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If you have any more questions or concerns regarding potential shipping or current shipments, Bluesea Shipping provides free enquiry calls so call us today.

At Bluesea Shipping we also provide you with top insurance coverage for your goods as well as providing packing and crating services done with high quality materials.

Over Thirty Seven years of experience in shipping has produced associations with foreign agents and customs that are of beneficial use to ensuring the highest quality of shipment handling for customers.

Bluesea Shipping is dedicated to researching other shipping rates, in order to provide you with the best shipping prices.

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Karachi port, Pakistan has a long history of receiving imports from the USA and Bluesea Worldwide Shipping has a long history of providing a stress free and reliable service in shipping to Karachi, Pakistan. Feel assured that whatever it is that you are shipping, we have the expertise and conduciveness to ship your items well to ensure that we work together again, establishing a long history of shipping between you and us.