With the flowing capitals in the Middle-east through the shipping companies, the Jeddah Port has a lot of shares in its pocket. The BLS has turned out to be one of the most important shipping companies in the Middle-east in terms of revenue and cargo shipments. The Jeddah Port is also known as the King Saud International Seaport, located in between the shipping route of east and west. So, this port is a common terminal for major business transactions in the world.

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The Jeddah Port is also referred to as the harbinger of the development of the Saudi Arabia. It has a capacity of 58 berths of international standards for cargo shipping and storing. The berthing area in Jeddah Port extends to around a stretch of 15 kms which is pretty big a size for storing a huge number of shipments. This Jeddah Port is very less congested and the systematic operations of the port trust have made it hassle free in terms of cargo logging and shipping.

As shipping to Jeddah and Middle-East considers very strict rules and regulations, heavy cargo and shipments require authenticated permissions and signatory from the port trust being shipped to. Insurance certificates are mandatory in case of damages incurred due the shipping process. Also BLS provides insurance cover to its customers when shipping to a long distance; in case a mishap occurs the cover is paid by Bluesea. Amidst all the repercussions, the BLS has maintained a standard in their services as a result of having more than 50% of the revenue shares in the Jeddah Port.

The major concerns of BLS shipping company are the storage and packaging, following the international shipping quotations and the customer care and brokerage. The Jeddah Port trust is in good relations with the Bluesea Shipping which has also resulted in lower freights, increasing the mobility of goods and faster shipping. The storage and the packaging departments take into account a lot of deliberation and attention to avoid any damage to the goods. Goods are generally packed using bubble wraps, plywood stores and plastic tapes. Empty spaces are avoided to keep the damages at bay. The storage of the goods after arrival to the ports is also taken into a great deal of consideration and transported from port to port, port to cities and port to other countries. The door to door services are prevalent in many countries where the products are transported to the referral addresses via the local source of transportation. The customer brokerage is another important reason due to which the customers incur their shipping through the Worldwide Shipping Company. The problems regarding the imports and the exports from the Jeddah Port are solved by the company representative in the absence of the customer.

Lastly, the customer service that is the customer care is unanimously well equipped with the information regarding the shipments and their delivery. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for BLS.