To take your business to dizzying heights, you may have thought of a number of strategies. While web based promotions, brand identity revamp and product range expansion my help your company get more customers, these may not be enough. If you want to take on your rivals in industry and expand customer base in new and emerging markets, export will become a prerequisite. Selection of the right destination is essential in this context. The South American nations like Ecuador can be a choice for you to tap potential of market. Guayaquil, Ecuador’s most populous city and main port of the country should fit your bill for product export needs. It is essential you sign up with a reliable ocean cargo agency for hassle free Shipping to Guayaquil from USA.

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Guayaquil’s location on Guayas River bank near the Gulf of Guayaquil and robust infrastructure for import attracts millions of businesses. When you contact a professional ocean cargo provider for Shipping to Guayaquil you get a number of benefits apart from saving on expense. Proficient companies use robustly developed shipping containers to take care of client cargo during overseas transit. You pick from the available containers of your chosen company. They offer wide range of such containers to carry all types of products including small electronic tools to huge machinery and vehicles

More About Port of Guayaquil in Ecuador

After you hire a veteran overseas cargo service agency, its staffs handle all aspects of transport and shipment. Based on your preferred timing and location, they send their staffs to collect cargo. Their staffs are expert and capable to collect any type of product and even if you have huge amount of cargo that should not be a problem with them. They bring pickup vehicle as well as heavy duty pick up apparatus to ensure hassle free cargo pick up. Once the products are collected, their staffs store these in safe warehouses of the agency.

The packaging of cargo is an important part of shipment and agencies offering services to Guayaquil do justice to it. Based on your product type and volume, they use suitable materials to pack the cargo. They may use a variety of materials for this purpose like wood or plastic. To protect delicate cargo like those made of glass, they may also use bubble wrap. This ensures your costly products do not get damaged owing to any collision or friction that can happen during ocean transit.

The careful packaging of cargo and durable containers in which it is shipped ensure adequate protection for your products. However, nobody can predict when natural disasters will strike. To offer your products another level of safety, these cargo agencies offer a range of product insurance packages. To top it all, you can also avail their cargo status and location tracking system to get peace of mind

Professional ocean cargo agencies like Bluesea Shipping that offer Shipping to Guayaquil also pack in a number of allied services for their customers. Their assistance may be of great help when your cargo undergoes customs inspection in destination port.