Jebel Ali port is the biggest port that is situated in Dubai and serves the whole Middle East region. Since it is the biggest port in the region, shipping from Jebel Ali and Shipping Services to Jebel is comparatively easy. The scale at which the operations are performed serves shipping company in Jebel Ali that is located in Dubai or in the Middle East region.

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The shipping industry is booming because of advanced amenities and peddling services that are offered. Bluesea Shipping is one of the major companies in the world that is offering Shipping to Dubai from USA to the UAE, Kuwait, etc.

Since it is the biggest port, it is situated in the outskirts of the city center. Due to the strategic location and rise in the commerce activity in the region, BLS has forayed into shipment business and started shipping services in Jebel Ali. The arrival and departure of goods are easier in cargo shipping to Jebel Ali.

Due to the increased activity in the region, local services are also mushrooming to serve better in the UAE and Jebel Ali. The main aim of BLS is to develop harmonious relations with their clients that are from developed countries such as Europe, the USA and the UK.

Economic and assured international shipping quotes are provided by BLS. It also offers an impeccable customer care service through round the clock toll free call services operated through various customer care centers around the world.

BLS also offers order tracking services so that customers can track their orders to get an estimate of time within which their orders are going to be delivered from Jebel Ali. Shipping services in Jebel Ali have two major components, namely the freight and packing & storage facilities. The freight charged for shipping services to Jebel Ali is very economical. Due to this, cargo shipping to Jebel Ali or container shipping from USA to Jebel Ali is rising at an increasing rate.

Highly calibrated and customized packaging and storing facilities are provided with specialized packaging facilities such as bubble wraps, plywood boxes and plastic seals. This helps in unnecessary breakage and damage to shipments from Jebel Ali.

In addition to this, cargos are kept in order at the port so that they are not damaged. BLS has different storage warehouses in various locations so that shipments from Jebel Ali so that shipments are kept safely. The local transporters that partnered with WWS help in delivering of goods to final destination. In addition to this, WWS also offers personal goods and car shipping to Jebel Ali. It also offers shipment insurance services to clients who want to insure their products against any kind of damages during shipping or transportation of goods.