Cebu, in Philippines, presents a booming growth scenario in domestic shipping business. Since most of the shipping takes place via the water route, shipping cargo through containers is the safest bet in here. Considering this growth, shipping containers to Cebu holds a promising key. Shipping containers are mostly used for transporting household goods, personal belongings, vehicles etc.

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shipping to Cebu

Located in the south of Manila, Cebu is surrounded on all sides by water. If Camotes Sea lies on east, it’s Tanoan strait and Visayan sea on the west and north respectively. Even the south east stretch of the city is marked by Bohol strait. Since, it is surrounded by water on almost all the sides, logistics transport or through water route has always been the preferred option. However, over the past few years, cargo shipping has taken a phenomenal rise.

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This can be said owing to the concerns expressed by some of the domestic shipping companies, who confirmed reduced passenger traffic over the years. This in turn was due to the competitive rates in airlines. Hence, most of shipping companies started relying on business brought in by cargo or shipping containers to Cebu from USA.

In fact, according to the Civil Aeronautics Board data, the first quarter of the year 2012 witnessed a surge in domestic cargo in Cebu, a significant share of which was contributed by one of the leading local cargo shipping companies. Whether it is air or ocean freight, the business of cargo shipping to Cebu from USA posted a good picture during the period. This highlights the growing shipping needs of the city.

Supporting the statement is the fact presented by the increased number of ports and the increased number of shipping companies in Cebu. Super Ferry, Cebu Ferries, Sulpicio, Negros Navigation, Cokaliong etc. are some of the major shipping lines in Cebu, Philippines.

Considering the growing need of shipping domestic cargo, coupled with the increase in the number of Cebu ports and shipping companies, the business potential in cargo shipping to Cebu looks bright. To tap this business potential in Cebu, we, Bluesea Shipping have embarked on the business of shipping cargo there. Based in USA, we are one of the leading worldwide shipping companies of the nation.

With our 34 years of professional and expert quality cargo handling ability, our worldwide shipping services can be used efficiently to tap the growing aspects of Cebu’s booming shipping industry.

Shipping to Cebu from USA holds a lucrative prospect for our firm. We have adequate storage places, warehouses, transport facilities to assist shipping containers to Cebu and other cities in Asia. We specialize in air freight, ocean freight, storage, customs, packing, trucking and several other aspects of transportation. The diverse array of logistics facilities makes us one of the leading players in international shipping companies of USA. Our worldwide shipping lines are known for its excellent customer service, competitive rates and with our reputed shipping and transportation work, we are sure to hit sharp on the jab in Cebu.