shipping to caribbean

When you are planning to ship your precious possessions to a far away country, you need to hire a good shipping company. But how to choose a good one out of so many? You need to compare regarding few points e.g. the clear quotes, the packing facilities, the warehouse facilities, the road and rail transport facilities, pick up and drop down services. And over and above all these a good customer service is a sign of a professional shipping company.

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Clear Quotes

The quotes and related terms and policies should be clear and transparent. Shipping may involve hidden costs e.g. the cost of insurance. You must check whether the quote includes the insurance down payments or not. A non professional company may have an ambiguous contract. This in turn will dump extra charges on you without proper notifications. Again you need to see the pickup and drop down points, pre and post shipping transport facilities included in the quote. There are many types of quotes available. Port to port service, port to destination service, pick up point to destination port service, door to door service etc. services will have different quotes. But all what you need is a clear statement from the shipping company. Say, you are transporting your goods from USA, to Caribbean islands through ports like Port of Spain, Kingston and you need your goods to be delivered to a particular address of Caribbean place! It’s hard for you to manage the transport after reaching the destination port. So, better trust Bluesea Shipping Lines, we have been in the business for over 3 long decades now, which in turn speaks volume of the kind of service we cater and quotes we can offer. No one knows shipping needs better than we do.

Packaging and Storing Facilities

Check whether the company is well equipped to carry heavy cargos or not. Heavy cargos need expert handling. The company must have great cargo carriers and trucks with hydraulic gates for these transports. Again the company must have trained staff for packaging of goods, especially fragile glass items. They must have good packing items like wooden and plywood boxes, bubble wraps, plastic tapes etc. The company must have good warehouses and storage facilities, to store your goods in case of accidental delays in shipping e.g. while transporting goods to Port Au Prince from USA, the cargo is delayed to ship, so your goods are safely stored in the storehouse of Bluesea Shipping and kept their till shipping becomes possible. Bluesea Shipping Line has excellent warehouses insured for fire damage, flood or theft damage etc.

Customer Care

A good customer dealing is always the sign of a good company. The Bluesea Shipping Lines provides excellent customer care through their toll free numbers and well developed website. You can simply type keywords to find nearest packing locations and World Wide Shipping offices. You can call the Bluesea Shipping Lines toll free to get complete details about shipping. We have GPS enabled shipping system which helps easy tracking of your shipment. The professional legal support of our company will create transparent contracts for you, and will guide you in every step.

Apart from safety and timely delivery of your precious cargo to destination, International moving companies offering shipping to Caribbean from USA also assist customers for smooth clearance for customs check up. This eventually saves you from delays and you can avoid legal problems. The worldwide Shipping Companies update their clients on various important documentation related aspects for this purpose.