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A sovereign state in Western Asia with a land area of 1,648,145 km², Iran is the second largest country In the Middle East, and 18th largest in the world and the world’s 17th most populous country.iran

What is the major port of Iran? Bandar Abbas. Located on the Southern Coast of Iran on the Persian Gulf, feel assured that as we ship your goods to Bandar Abbas, it has served as a port for many years, having several names given to it expressing its function as a port such as Gombroon, Cambarão, Bandar-e ‘Abbās. Whatever you call it, Bandar Abbas has a long history of receiving imports from different parts of the world for Iran.



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Two important areas of sanction regulations are The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS).

Who are OFAC?

The role of OFAC is to apply economic sanctions to countries and groups of individuals, for example terrorists and narcotic traffic officers. OFAC does this through blocking assets and enforcing trade restrictions for the purposes of foreign policy and national security goals.

OFAC has close links with the Treasure Department’s activities of dealing with sanctions throughout history. Their actions, prior to the war of 1812, was to enforce sanctions against Great Britain for the harassment of American sailors. OFAC was then developed as the successor to the Office of Foreign Funds Control (FFC) whose aim was to prevent Nazu use of occupied countries’ holdings of foreign exchange and securities.

It was in December 1950, when OFAC was officially formed as it is known today, after China entered the Korean war and President Truman declared a national emergency, blocking all Chinese and North Korean assets subject to USA jurisdiction.


Through OFAC, there are prohibited financial transactions and other dealings which an American citizen cannot engage with unless permitted by OFAC. Each program in OFAC is based upon a different foreign policy and national security goal.
Prohibited transactions can have exceptions through an OFAC registered General license. This license allows a particular type of transaction for a person without the need to apply for a license.

There are cases whereby a general license does not exist for a particular type of cargo.
Willful violations can have fines from up to twenty million dollars and imprisonment of up to thirty years. Civil penalties of International Emergency Economic Power Act can range up to $250,000 or twice the amount or twice the amount of underlying transactions for each violation. Civil penalties for violations of the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act can range up to $10,75,000 for each violation. Unless an OFAC license and any other required documents/licenses are provided by the customer, we only ship used household goods to Iran.

Rejections and returns of packages do occur. So be aware of all regulations and laws.


If you are specifically exporting agricultural commodities, medicine or biomedical devices to Iran, these items fall under the Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000 (TSRA).


What is needed in submitting a TSRA?

  • Purpose of application
  • Applicants’ full contact information
  • IF either the cover letter or important information is missing, the application will be regarded as incomplete, risking rejections or delays.
  • All applications must be submitted separately with a separate envelope accompanied by a cover letter. Multiple applications in one envelope with one cover letter will not be accepted.


TSRA Presentation is also important. The TSRA must be in Table format containing all relevant information:

  • Full names and addresses of all parties involved in the transactions and their rules including financial institutions and any Iranian broker
  • Identify company principals
  • Full contact name or other participants involved in the purchase of proposed export items
  • If applicable, the commodity classification numbers that are associated with proposed export items.



When shipping to Iran, you must be mindful that several items may be prohibited from entering the country. Please visit Iranian Customs.

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