1. shipping to Asia


Bluesea is one of the largest international shipping companies of USA. With high end professional expertise Blusea is just ready to meet each and every of your shipping needs. Starting from the pickup point to the delivery point, the company maintains a professional network in order to coordinate the whole process smoothly.

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Unlike other non-professional organizations  Bluesea never creates or generates ambiguous quote agreements. An excellent customer service ensures a transparent business transaction in between the customer and this worldwide shipping. Shipping involves a long chain of correlated processes. Let us now focus on each of them and find out the professional approach of this appraised shipping giant. While you think of sending your precious goods from USA to Asia, you need to plan out a whole range of troublesome shipping activities. If you want shipping around the Japan, or China border the ports that you need to ship through are Shanghai, Jakarta, or Hakata etc. Knowing facilities around these parts are next to impossible for you! All that you need to do is call up the toll-free number of Blusea, get the details and quote for your shipping. Remaining details are managed by the company effectively.

The process starts with a pickup service, if required by the customer. Whenever you are transporting your furniture or other heavy cargo you need to hire one mover’s service to take these cargo to the port. In Blusea you can hire this pick up service as a part of your shipping needs. This service is offered for minimum cost and maximum effectiveness. Bluesea has equipped trucks and carriers with wooden caging, for the transport of the goods safely. They use great quality bubble wraps and wooden boxes for the transport of fragile goods like glass items.

The next part is cargo arrangement in the ship. Blusea believes in effective packing with negligible dead space. This ensures that the cargos will be well arranged and naturally the damages due to shipping are less. While transporting vehicles, these are put into braces to hold them in position during shipping. During the transport there may occur some shipping delays due several reasons. Bluesea has excellent protected warehouses and storage places for such instances. They have around 15000 sq ft of the Long Beach California for the storage purpose.

The final step is delivery of the product after shipping. This worldwide spread shipping company has excellent transport facilities in all the cities where they port. The intercity transport networks are well coordinated with Blusea which provide you excellent door to door service. The quotes are called according to the service i.e. quote for transport up to the port won’t be same as that for transport up to your destined place. In places like Cebu, Manila, Laem Chabang, and Klang BSL has excellent service facilities.

So, if you think of shipping to Asia, places like Yokohama, Beijing etc. think of Bluesea Shipping. Their professional expertise is just perfect to meet your needs. So, relax and have safe shipping!

Apart from safety and timely delivery of your precious cargo to destination, International moving companies offering shipping to Asia from USA also assist customers for smooth clearance for customs check up. This eventually saves you from delays and you can avoid legal problems. Bluesea Shipping Lines update their clients on various important documentation related aspects for this purpose.

We ship to the following ports in Asia:


Port of Hakodate
Port of Tokyo
Port of Yokohama
Port of Nagoya
Port of Osaka
Port of Kobe

Hong Kong
Port of Hong Kong

Ports of the People’s Republic of China
Port of Shanghai
Port of Suzhou
Port of Ningbo
Port of Qingdao
Port of Yantai
Port of Tianjin
Port of Qinhuangdao
Port of Guangzhou
Port of Shenzhen
Port of Zhuhai
Port of Xiamen
Port of Dalian
Port of Yingkou
Port of Subic
Port of Manila
Port of Iloilo
Port of Cebu
Port of Davao


Port of Singapore in Singapore


Port of Singapore
North Korea
South Korea
Port of Busan
Port of Incheon

Port of Kaohsiung in Taiwan (Republic of China)
Taiwan (Republic of China)
Port of Hualien
Port of Kaohsiung
Port of Keelung
Port of Taichung
Port of Taipei
Ho Chi Minh City
Da Nang Port
Vũng Tàu Port
Port Klang (which includes Northport and Westport)
Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP)