History of Aqaba, Jordan

Aqaba, Jordan MapThe port of Aqaba, Jordan is place in a very strategic location. It is located at the tip of the Red Sea which has made its port extremely important for thousands of years. The Aqaba port not only plays a vital role in Jordan’s economy but also serves the surrounding countries.  The heavy machine industry has made its home in Aqaba as well as other well know regional assembly plants like the Land Rover Aqaba Assembly Plant. In 2008, the Aqaba Container Terminal handled over 580,000 units which was an increase by over 40% from the previous year. Due to such high increase in trade, the Aqaba Development Corporation moved the port to a larger location near the Saudi border.

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Shipping Options

containerShipping to Aqaba, Jordan is simple and there are options to suit anyone’s needs. The first method is a shipping container measuring in either 20ft or 40ft. This type of shipping is called the Full Container Load. The sizes for a container shipment are 20ft by 40ft and 40ft by 40ft.

The Full Container Load (FCL) method is a great option if you are sending a lot items at once. The FCL option is great if you have 12 pallets or more. Other advantages of using the Full Container Load are: there is no damage from other cargo and there is no need for the LCL consolidation/deconsolidation process. If you have fragile goods, the FCL is the way to go. International ISO standards have drastically improved the quality of the shipping experience so your container will be treated with care. The FCL shipment process can be done in a few different ways: Door to Door, Door to Port, Port to Door, and Port to Port.

The FCL shipment process is up to you and your consignee at the other end. Certain options are cheaper, faster, and depend on what your situation of shipping is.

The second method is to use the RORO Method which stands for Roll on Roll off pertaining to the shipment of vehicles. The latter is a better alternative to shipping cars, vans, minibuses, tractors, etc. as the customer is only charged for the space the vehicle occupies on the vessel. An important note to know: the vehicle must be completely empty in compliance for the RORO method.

Duty Rates

A duty rate an import tax that is subject on all imports to Jordan. The way that this tax is calculated is based on the cost of the imported goods, the cost of freight, and the cost of insurance. All of those together combined are referred to as CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight). When importing to Jordan, a duty tax is applied to most imports. The standard VAT in Jordan is 16%, however, some products are subject to a lowered rate of 4% and 8% calculated on the sum of CIF value and applicable duty. Household goods are exempt from a duty tax only if you are a returning citizen or carrying a valid work permit.

Calculating the total Duties due on your Vehicle

A great way for calculating how much you need to pay for the duties/taxes on your vehicle is to go to the Jordan Customs and Transportation site.

5 Tips on saving money Shipping a vehicle Overseas

Some of the tips for shipping your vehicle overseas include shipping your vehicle via RORO, having your gas tank on low, bringing your vehicle to the nearest port, buying vehicles near the departure port, and comparing the costs of bringing the car yourself verses having the shipping company pick it up for you.

1Shipping the vehicle RORO (Roll on Roll off) method is the most cost effective way to ship a vehicle overseas. If you are shipping more than one car, then a shipping container may be the easiest route however, if you are only planning to ship one vehicle, this method makes the most sense.


2Make sure you only have ¼ of the gas tank full. This will ensure that your gas will not be suctioned at the port and will save you money.



3Bringing your vehicle to the port by yourself will save you money on having to use the shipping company’s drivers.



4Next, if you are buying a car, make sure to buy the vehicle as close to the departure port as possible. Buying a car next to the departure port will ensure that the designated driver will not have to drive so far and will save you money.

Some of the Departure Ports for shipping in the United States to Aqaba are Long Beach, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Seattle, WA, Houston TX, New York, NY, Savannah, GA, Hampton Roads, VA, Charleston, SC, and Miami, FL.

5And finally, make sure that you compare the costs of bringing the car to the port yourself verses having the shipping company pick it up for you. If you live close to the port and are available to drop off your vehicle this is a great way to save money. But if you live far away and have to take time off and maybe even rent a hotel, it might be wiser to use the shipping company’s driver services as a cheaper alternative.

Customs and Regulations

To find a complete list of prohibited items, visit the Jordan Customs webpage.

Contact the Aqaba Customs Service.

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