There are many options when it comes to shipping containers. The current article explains some of the options you have when shipping so that you can make an informed choice. It’s important to note that the cost of a 40 foot shipping container is usually not that much more than a 20 foot container so clients often choose the 40 foot container. Which shipping containers are available is largely dependant on start and destination and seasonality.

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Sizes / Types / Pricing of Shipping Containers

20ft Shipping Container

(195” x 76” x 79”) – 675 cubic feet

Depends on Start and End Location.

20 ft shipping container

40ft Shipping Container

(396” x 78” x 89”) – 1590 cubic feet

Depends on Start and End Location.

40ft shipping containter to iran 500x268

40ft High Cube Shipping Container

(396” x 78” x 101”) – 1735 cubic feet

Depends on Start and End Location.


40ft shipping container


When making your booking with the line, each container has different commodities that it will or will not accept. Generally speaking, you can ship almost anything legal in a container if it is not specifically prohibited by the line.


Timing depending on pickup.