Shipping A Car To UAE?

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If you are interested in shipping a car to UAE or importing a vehicle to the United Arab Emirates,  First of all, you as the shipper must be prepared to pay duty taxes and related fees on all new and used cars and other motor vehicles that you ship to the United Arab Emirates. You will also need a valid UAE Residence Visa in order to register a car in the UAE. Before shipping a car to UAE, you will want to get some of your paperwork in order.

Vehicles purchased outside the UAE can be brought to Abu Dhabi under certain rules and procedures set by Abu Dhabi Customs Administration. To avoid any delay or inconvenience in customs clearance procedures, you have to make sure that all valid documents are collected from the traffic department in the country of export before they are shipped to Abu Dhabi. All imported goods, including vehicles, undergo thorough inspection procedures at customs checkpoints before being allowed to enter the Emirate to ensure their compliance with the stringent safety requirements set by the country.

Required Documents For Shipping A Car To UAE

  1. Original invoice (for new cars).
  2. Original Certificate of Origin (for new cars).
  3. Export declaration for the vehicle from United States Customs.
  4. Valid vehicle insurance certificate.
  5. Copy of identification document of the importer or a copy of trade licence if the importer is a business person.



  1. Make sure that the car you want to import complies with the standard specifications of the UAE.
  2. Submit the required documents including the certificates issued by the traffic department from the country of export and shipping documents to the customs.
  3. Pay 5% customs duties (value of the vehicle + 1% insurance + cost of the shipment).
  4. The customs will view the vehicle in order to ascertain that the value given in the export declaration is correct. If the value is inconsistent with that of the invoice, you will have to pay the duties based on the customs estimation.
  5. After paying the customs duty, you will be given a certificate of registration addressed to the Traffic & Licensing Department.
  6. Approach the Traffic & Licensing Department to register your car locally.

Special Conditions

  1. You must have a valid residence permit in the UAE to be able to import your vehicle from outside.
  2. You cannot import more than one car per year unless you have a commercial register for vehicle sale and import.
  3. The depreciation of the vehicle should not exceed five years.
  4. When you re-export the car under the clearing system, submit copies of vehicle export certificate from the traffic department and personal identification. You will also need to fill up clearing application form.

Shipping a Car to UAE via RoRo

RoRo ships arrives in Jebel Ali. These vessels are usually quicker than conventional container shipping. This makes it relatively faster for customers to purchase vehicles in most states in USA and have them trucked at reasonable rates to roro ports.

To be eligible for this service the vehicle must be able to operate on its own power and be road worthy. Roro however prohibited goods being stored inside of the vehicle except the jack and spare tire. See RORO article.

Major Departure Ports RoRo – Shipping Car to UAE

  • Everett, WA
  • Port Hueneme, CA
  • Galveston, TX
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Newark, NJ

Arrival Port in UAE Jebel Ali, UAE

Major Departure Port Container Ship: Shipping Car to UAE

  • Oakland, CA
  • Long Beach, CA
  • Houston, TX
  • Miami, FL
  • Savannah, GA
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Newark, NJ

If you are shipping a car to UAE, it is also noteworthy that you cannot import cars or vehicles with tinted glass to the United Arab Emirates.

International cargo shipping to UAE is much easier with the help of a dependable and reliable cargo shipping company.  Contact Bluesea Shipping for more specific information about rules and regulations when shipping to UAE. Call Bluesea Shipping toll free today at 1-800-222-7014 with any questions you might have about international cargo shipping to UAE or for a fast and free QUOTE for your cargo shipment to UAE.