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Worldwide Ocean Freight Logistics And Shipping Services

With our headquarters in Los Angeles, Bluesea is your trusted.  We have provided ocean freight shipping services to over 43,000 satisfied customers since 1971.  Licensed by Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), insured, bonded, we are the company you can trust to provide concierge shipping and logistics services around the world.   With more than 3 decades of experience, we have developed strategic relationships and have been awarded contracts by co-shippers and lines that allow us to provide concierge shipping, storage and logistic related services at the lowest possible price.

Whoever you decide to work with to handle your storage and shipping needs, please, make sure they are licensed by FMC, experienced, insured, bonded and have secure facilities.  That will help ensure you will not have any issues and do not overpay for the service.  Beware of “companies” that,act a an agent or broker and simple add their fees and still use a company like Bluesea to store or send your cargo.  You are welcome to visit our secure 15,000 square foot secure facility in Long Beach area of Los Angeles, which is close to the port of Long Beach.  Our trained staff can help ensure that you have a great experience..  We can pick up your cargo or receive, pack and crate your cargo for storage and shipment at our secure facility.

With over three decades of experience, you can rest assured that we have the experience, relationships and ability to help with all your shipping and storage needs.   Our services are identical to that provided by a vessel-owning common carrier, but without the constraints and overhead costs associated with owning and operating a fleet of vessels. For minor, less container load (“LCL”), shipments, We will strengthen your cargo with other freight. By consolidating the bookings of many large shipping volumes, BSL offers a cutthroat edge over other shipping companies. Through our worldwide network of quality agents, we will devan and deliver your cargo to its destination.

We act as an independent operator giving number of services like Shipping Cargo, Container. Bluesea is offering most favourable money-making shipping services to every destination. Our services embrace not only port-to-port, door to port, but also domestic transshipment in Europe and other countries. We have the workforce having wide-ranging expertise in handling, receiving and stuffing export LCL freight into steamship containers. The overseas shipping services given by us are to make the most of the usefulness of the cubic capacity of cargo containers so that you enjoy the reduced rates resulting from packing cargo more compactly into the container.

Packing, crating, blocking, bracing, securing, panelling, and platforming are part of a proficient freight consolidation. We have trained expert personnel who are competent of performing all of these tasks with each container for the sole purpose of reducing the cost of your shipment. Shipping from us to Europe.

With over years of understanding and number of trained professionals, we offer competitive rates offering flexibility of services that our larger competitor cannot provide. Our system is effortlessly customized to every client individual and specific needs giving each one a personalized service. Our services includes Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding, Air Freight Consolidation services, Ocean Freight Consolidation services, Shipping to Alexandria, Vendor Consolidation, Marine Insurance, Customs Clearance, Distribution and other value added global logistics services.

We work with the operation of offering you the greatest possible support in importing and exporting saving your both valuable time and money. What is the status of my shipment? is the question that is continuously asked by importers and exporters. For that reason, we have reinvested in our company to give our representatives access to the technology enabling them to track and clear your shipments as quickly as possible while in transit. Almost everything regarding shipping is done by us and there is nothing left that we cannot do as an efficient service provider.

Ocean Freight Full Container Shipping

If you are moving residence to another country or have a large cargo to be shipping across the ocean, Bluesea provides the perfect solution in the form of Full Container Load cargo. With the highest efficiency of FCL cargo service which includes cargo pickup from your doorstep, choice of containers, doorstep delivery, warehousing, packing, crating and scheduling, the company ensures a smooth passage for your cargo at highly efficient rates.

The containers and steamship carriers used by Blusea are of the best quality and which ensure smooth and fast transit of cargo. In addition to providing Full Container Load service, the company offers a number of additional services such as custom brokerage which make the shipping process easy, hassle-free and convenient for you. All arrangements regarding documentation, scheduling the shipment, custom formalities, cargo management from the moment the cargo is entrusted to the company and shipping the leased container or shipper owned container to the destination port are handled by the company.

The company helps you simplify the shipping process by providing a clear overall picture of all that is required for shipping which includes a list of required documents and permits. Transactions are clear and there are no hidden costs involved. The transparency ensures that customers can avail the best of services in the least possible costs.