columbia11Colombia is the beautiful country located at the Northwest tip of South America. It shares its maritime limits with Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Haiti. Colombia’s main port is Buenaventura. However, in total, Colombia has fourteen main ports includign Buenvanetura: Tolu, Puerto Bloira, Pozos, Colorados, Santa Morta, Turbo, San Andres Island, Cartagero, Coventas, Barranquilla, Mamonal, Puerto Predeco, Tumaco, Muellas El Bosque, Cartagena.

What Customs Regulations Do I need To Know about Before Shipping To Colombia?

When shipping to Columbia there are a few requirements you need to know. Bluesea Worldwide Shipping will handle the regulations and procedures for you, however it is good to know the process that will take place.

  • All shipments will be fully inspected.
  • All household goods will arrive in Colombia within thirty days of the customer’s arrival.
  • The customer must have lived outside of Colombia for at least two years prior to the arrival of goods in Colombia.
  • The customer must have a Certificate of Residence with the Colombian Consulate as a certification of foreign residency.
  • Customs may request a bank guarantee to confirm that household goods being shipped to Colombia will not be sold for a year after the goods are imported into Colombia.
  • In the case of families moving to Colombia, one shipment per origin, per family is allowed.

What Do I need To Know about Shipping My Vehicle to Colombia?

  • An Import license is needed and must be obtained before the car is shipped to Colombia.
  • An Original Commercial invoice must be presented for each vehicle with prices written in US dollar currency.
  • The Title of the Vehicle.
  • The Registration of the Vehicle.
  • Copy of bill of the sale.
  • Names and information on documents should accurately match the vehicle import license.

What Do I Need To Know About Shipping My Pet To Colombia?

A family move wouldn’t be complete without your furry friend. So we are here to ensure you know all you need about making sure it is a complete family shipping arrangement. So what does your pet need?

  • All required vaccinations
  • Documents and Certificates form licensed animal health officials
  • An import permit is needed if you are shipping more than two pets
  • Cats and dogs do not require quarantine
  • A Certificate of Vaccination is needed
  • A Notarized health certificate from a licensed veterinarian must be provided

What Documents Do I need For Shipping?

We want the process to be as easy as possible for you therefore, we make it our priority to tend to your needs. No one wants to face obstacles that’s why the Bluesea Worldwide Shipping company ensures you have everything you need prior to shipping your goods. So what documents do you need for Colombia?

  • Visa
  • Passport
  • Residence or work visa for Columbia
  • Shipping inventory written in Spanish
  • If you are sending household equipment, then you must have information about all major appliances and electrical equipment such as ovens, toasters, TV’s, stereos, vacuums, and microwaves.
  • You must document the make and model of household equipments including serial numbers, Bill of Ladings or original airway bills.
  • Document must have complete and detailed information about the weight/volume of cargo shipment to Colombia as well as delivery information.

What Do I need To Know about Tax and Duties When Shipping To Colombia?

Stress free shipping should mean cost effective shipping, therefore we keep ourselves up to date with the changing taxes and duties on products and goods. When shipping to Colombia all shipments are subject to specific duty fees, import taxes and sales tax.

Goods that are shipped to Colombia are assessed on CIF value of household goods. Sometimes these goods require a bank guarantee that cargo in shipment will not be sold for at least one year after they have been shipped and arrived in Colombia.

Now, Colombia has a different system and history regarding tariff and taxes. For example, Colombia’s duties are done at three different tariff levels.

  1. 0% to 5% on capital goods, industrial goods, and raw materials not produced in Colombia
  2. 10% on manufactured goods with some exceptions
  3. 15% – 20% on consumer and ‘sensitive’ goods.However some exceptions do exist based on specific goods. For example:
  • Automobiles are at 35% duty
  • Beef and rice are at 80% duty
  • Milk and Cream are at 98% duty
  • It is also important to know that all other Agricultural products fall under what is known as the Andean Price Brand System (APBS) which was established by 371 of Andean Community (AC). The APBS protects domestic industries with variable levy by increasing tariffs when world prices lower and lowering tariffs when world prices increase.
  • What is the AC? The Andean Community is a group of countries part of the customs union and trade bloc which was created in 1969 consisting of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.
  • Tha APBS includes thirteen product groups and covers over 150 tariff lines.
  • In 2012, Columbia joined the World Trade Organization’s Information Technology Agreement. The members of the ITA sought to eradicate tariffs on what was called a Most Favored Nation (MFN) for a variety of technological products. This led to 80% of all USA exports, consumer and industrial, to Colombia to become duty free practically overnight when the Promotion Agreement was put into effect.

What Items can’t I ship to Colombia?

For a complete list of items that can and cannot be shipped to Columbia please visit the Colombian Customs.

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