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Shipping from USA to East Africa

Worldwide Shipping company specializes in exporting of Personal Effects, Commercial Products, Household Goods, Cars, Trucks & Bikes to different destinations in East Africa. We offer both Air Cargo & Ocean Freight Services from the USA to some of the major seaports in East Africa, like - Mombassa, Dar Es-Salaam and Djabuti.

Whenever you are thinking of transporting your precious possessions overseas, you need to consult and hire a good shipping company like the Worldwide Shipping for safe transport of your goods. Being a resident of United States of America, if you are thinking of shipping your vehicle or other belongings to all the way to East Africa, you need to ship through the ports like Mombasa, Dar Es Salaam, Djabuti etc. This whole process of transportation involves a number of pros and cons, and includes a critical processing. You need to consider a number of factors like pre-shipping and post shipping transport of goods, packaging, goods handling, insurance, customs requirements, and last but not the least the cost factor.

Whenever planning for overseas transportation of goods, you need to select either the air medium or the shipping medium depending on the cost, destination and pick up points. A good shipping company is often associated with coordinated air services too. You need to be conscious about the packaging of your product. Worldwide Shipping is properly equipped for effective and safe packaging of materials and cargo handling. The container-based shipping services are also available. You need to choose as per the needs of your product. In Worldwide shipping, we provide from a wide array of packaging options -Bubble packs, wooden boxes fitted with soft lining, stretchy tapes, nylon wool, wooden blocks etc for your convenience.

When transporting vehicles, these are to be placed within braces and should be fixed at their positions for safe shipping. Professionals at Worldwide Shipping are appointed for such transport. Overseas transport of goods, involve a lot of paperwork. Starting from custom clearance to compliance of different regulations of the importing or exporting countries are to be managed.

A professional shipping line should always have enough legal strength to peacefully handle this cumbersome process. As for example when you are shipping through the port of Mombasa you need to comply with all the terms and policy imposed by the Kenya Port Authority, which may not be similar to the rules of the dispatching port. A reasonable charge is imposed on the customer and in return the shipping company deals with all these hazards.

You need to check whether the shipping company has enough transportation facilities in the receiving country or not. If no, then transporting your goods from the dock to your destination in the far away city can become a real heck. Professional shipping firms have superb infrastructure for road and rail transport of shipped products in the dispatching as well as the receiving part of the world. One another important factor is the insurance policy. You need to check the quote carefully. Professional and dependable companies like Worldwide Shipping Company will have a clear written agreement on, whether the quote includes the insurance charges or not. A non-professional shipping company may initially quote low and then dump these hidden costs on you during processing.

We are professional worldwide shipping company which can handle all your requirements in an affordable quote value, at the same time can assure safe and smooth transport for your possessions across East Africa.

Apart from safety and timely delivery of your precious cargo to destination, International shipping companies offering shipping to East Africa from USA also assist customers for smooth clearance for customs check up. This eventually saves you from delays and you can avoid legal problems. The worldwide Shipping Companies update their clients on various important documentation related aspects for this purpose.

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